Diving in Punta Gavazzi in Ustica | Lustrica Diving Center


Punta Gavazzi (archaeological dive)

Marked by a buoy, we can find an archaeological tour in this bay. It was born in 1990 and recently rearranged, it is a place of discovery of various archaeological finds. Once you dive in these crystalline waters you will be like walking into an underwater museum: every find is signalled by a float with an explanatory card. Following a simple path we can see Roman and Byzantine anchors stumps: it seems that in this very cove some boats in transit have sought refuge. Traces of settlements from different periods can be found in different parts of the island, both at sea and ashore. Sites like this are born with the purpose of educating divers who visit our seas to consider the archaeological finds as essential part of the underwater landscape, untouchable but visible to everyone.