Wreck Diving at the Grotta dei Gamberi Ustica | Lustrica Diving


Prawn' s Cave

One of the most famous Mediterranean dives, reserved to experienced divers with deep permit. Needless to say from what the name of this cave derives: a myriad of shrimps, Plesionika Narval, commonly called Parapandalo, that cover the walls of this cave that has the entrance at about 40m of depth. The vault of the cave is very large even though it may seem otherwise. The use of a flashlight is mandatory in order to fully enjoy the wonders of this diving site: if you illuminate the walls, it seems that the walls are walking, but this effect is given only by shrimp moving! Going inside the cave we can find lobsters, squills, prawns and dromia personata, forkbeards dedicated to eat shrimps, congers, Cypraeidae, nudibranchs and sponges. Arriving about at half cave, we recommend to look back towards the entrance: a blue eye with backlight noble pen shells and fanworms will wink to you. After finding the exit at about 25m, we will start our rise followed by the unavoidable groupers and sargos; we will also do our pause looking for broadnosed pipefish among posidonia.

Alcuni scorci della Grotta dei Gamberi