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Punta Galera

Like a real natural swimming pool, it is a very coveted site both for courses and dives at all levels: here there is a stripe of lava that ends in open sea and delimits two creeks; around it we can find a landslide that from a few metres falls to about 50 meters deep. This diving site has at least 5 different dives that include 1 and 2 shrimp caves and the landslide; just in the earliest meters of depth you will be enchanted by the myriad of fishes: clouds of anthias, schools of sargos and salps, big and calm groupers that seem ready to be photographed, amberjacks and for early risers, it is not difficult to bump into some tuna! For lovers of macro we have a myriad of nudibranchs: flabellines, thuridillas, aplysias, felimare pictas of every color. And yet cypraeidaes, octopus, moray eels and much more! Thanks also to the volcanic origin of the island, here you will find 2 caves and several steps that offer very exciting plays of light!

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