Diving at Grotta delle Cipree in Ustica | Lustrica Diving



The name says it all! The cave with a very broad entrance at about 18 meters has a sandy ground on the first part; entering the first room then you will notice the loss of every life form: here we can re-emerge and take off the mask and regulator and we will be able to enjoy the reflections of light that penetrate from the entrance. Then, we will go in the second one, the innerest and darkest room where, switching off the lights, it will be beautiful to remain silent to listen the droplets of prickly pears roots that have made way into the ground right here! Within this room the water is brackish and we can notice a small beach composed by fragments of cypraeidae and other organisms. Finally we will take a siphon that bring us towards the exit. Certainly a suggestive dive but it requires a good buoyancy control.

Alcuni scorci della Grotta delle Cipree