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Punta Falconiera

Not far away from the port there is a beautiful wall which sinks vertically from 15/16 metres up to 35/40 metres, finishing in the sand where it is easy to observe the beautiful Sea Star (Astropecten). The wall is full of colors and ravines that host gorgonians, sponges, nudibranchs, big scorpion fishes, morays, groupers, octopus and, with a bit of luck, it is not difficult to find lobsters and magnoses. The highest part of the wall is covered with astroides and colorful sponges. For those who can take their eyes from the wall, we suggest to glance at the blue ... we are in Ustica and it is not difficult to meet migratory fishes such as amberjacks or tunas. At the end of the wall we will find, at a depth of about 24 metres, a cave with a very wide and bright vault; in the inner part we will find the typical shrimp of Ustica, the Parapandalo, but also forkbeards and groupers.

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