Diving at the Scoglio del Medico in Ustica | Lustrica Diving


Doctor's Rock

One of the most beautiful and exciting dives in Ustica, it owes its name to a vernacular adaptation from the original "Homeric Rock", reported by local inhabitants to the first reporters who arrived in Ustica. This diving site has different itineraries, impossible to do all in one dive! "Whale's Cave" is very impressive, a not totally dark passage but for sure I recommend to carry the torch. Inside you will find cypraeidae, nudibranchs, dromia personata, some hidden groupers and fantastic blacklights. Following your guide, you will pass through steps that will take you on the rock side where you can admire the playful and curious groupers, barracudas, amberjacks, leerfish and, peculiarity of this immersion, Golden groupers. Let's see who find it first! Not to be missed are the long and narrow canyons, gullies where you enter one at a time and continue in single file. Tip: pay attention to the fin kick and watch to the Guide!

Alcuni scorci dello Scoglio del Medico